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Superduty Pro Front 4-Link Kit

Material: Mild Steel
Fully Welded +$450.00: Yes
Weld Spaces +$85.00: Yes

This was designed for the Ford Superduty chassis using the 05+ front axle. This kit will allow you to get the truck lower and lighter than any other kit out there. Our Front 4-link Pro kit is a weld in system that will help shed weight off the front end. This system allows for front end adjustment with fully adjustable link bars, dial the application in no matter lowered or lifted. This kit comes available in either mild steel or chrome-moly. We offer this kit as a “do it yourself” or pre-fabricated and welded

We also offer “Weld Spacers” these are a little thicker than the heim joints. This keeps the proper spacing even after everything cools and pulls in. So that allows you to get the heim joints in and out easily.


· Mild steel or chromoly construction

· Includes all hardware

· Chromoly heim joints

· Fully adjustable length arms

· Do-it-yourself or weld in ready

· Optional weld spacer

Material: Mild Steel
Fully Welded +$450.00: Yes
Weld Spaces +$85.00: Yes