Holders 6.0 Stage 3 190CC Injector Basic Reman (Set of 8)

Nozzle Size: 30%

These are our hot street injector.  They displace 190cc of fuel and we pair these with 30%-100% nozzles.  The smaller nozzle will help with your towing ability and keeping your EGT’s down while the larger nozzle would be better for top end power.  With the 30% nozzles and the correct supporting modifications these can also be used for towing fairly easily.  You will need fuel system upgrades for this injector.  We recommend a regulated return along with a fuel pump upgrade.  We always recommend you check fuel pressure under load after installation.  You want a very minimum of 45psi of fuel pressure at any time.

This is for a set of (8).  This is not an exchange service.  You send your injectors in to be rebuilt and receive back the same injectors that you sent in.  You know the history and mileage of these injectors.  These get all the major wear items replaced such as nozzles, nozzle lift spring, piston return spring, all seals and gaskets, spool valves polished and all sealing surfaces are refinished.  These are all bench tested on our Hartridge HA-230 flow bench once completed to ensure all flow rates and functionality.  These include a 6 month warranty. 

If your injectors cannot be rebuilt with this service we will contact you for options and proceed from there.  We always recommend especially on larger injectors to go with our Premium Remans.  With all new parts in them they are naturally more reliable and will have better longevity.

Nozzle Size: 30%